What Kind of Editing Does My Book Need?

Wondering, "What kind of editing does my book need?" Publish Pros explains the different types of editing here.

Book editing can be time-consuming and feel overwhelming, especially when you’ve just finished writing an entire manuscript. While editing your own book can be great, you might only see what you meant to write, rather than what you actually wrote. That’s where a second (or even third or fourth) set of eyes is crucial to…

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What Is Book Formatting?

What is book formatting, and do you need it as an author? Find out here from Publish Pros.

As a storyteller, your main focus is getting your thoughts and words onto the page. You let the words flow, creating an immersive journey and a path for your reader to follow. But as a professional author, your work doesn’t simply stop there. Once you’ve created your manuscript, it’s time for the editing, book formatting and…

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How and Why to Crowdfund Your Book

Need help paying to get your book published? Learn how to crowdfund your book from the experts at Publish Pros.

More authors are discovering the power of crowdfunding to help get their great book ideas out into the world. From children’s books to comic books, crowdfunding has made it possible for independent writers of all kinds to fund their book projects. If you’re passionate about your idea – and willing to put in some hard…

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How to Get the Word Count for Your Book

Learn how to get the word count for your book in Word and Google Docs

As an independent author, you might think the word count of your self-published book shouldn’t matter much, since you control how many words you need to tell your story. However, it definitely matters to your readers. Each genre sells best when books are published within a specific length, so it’s important to keep that in…

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