What Is the Best Way to Publish On Amazon?

Use these helpful tips on how to publish on Amazon from the self-publishing experts at Publish Pros

There are tons of articles and videos talking about how easy it is to self-publish on Amazon. While most of them cover the “how” of self-publishing on Amazon, very few dive into the “whys” that affect you as an author. Let’s look at the key points to consider before you self-publish on Amazon. Buy your…

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Are Hardback Books Worth Self-Publishing?

Are hardcover books worth self-publishing? Find out here from the experts at Publish Pros.

Books were once regarded as extremely sacred objects that were only available to a select handful of royalty or the church. Each book was painstakingly handwritten and decorated with elaborate script and illustrations, often by monks, and such books were considered precious objects, both in terms of content and form. No wonder hard covers were…

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The Pitfalls of Publishing a Children’s Book

Publishing a children's book can be fun if you avoid these pitfalls

When it comes to publishing a children’s book, it pays to be smart. The process can be rewarding, but it also may include some difficulties you may not have considered. Avoiding these pitfalls can save you a lot of time, frustration and money, making your path easier to navigate. Not knowing your “who” The biggest…

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