Should Your Book Have a Prologue?

Learn whether or not you should include a book prologue in your writing project.

This is one of the great debates of writers and readers alike: Should a book have a prologue? Some believe prologues detract from the story and just serve as a boring prerequisite before the action begins. Others like having an intro with additional character background and scene information before the story starts. What is a…

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Author Spotlight: Terry Ward Tucker

Terry Ward Tucker is a self-published author of several books and a client of Publish Pros

Terry Ward Tucker, PhD, is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her newest book, Arlena Returns, is the sequel to her best-selling novel, Charleston’s Elegant Sinners. Tucker’s earlier novel, Moonlight & Mill Whistles, received ForeWord Magazine’s Silver Book of the Year Award. Tucker also writes faith-based novels, screenplays, devotional books,…

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Can You Self-Publish for Free?

Can you self publish a book for free? Find out here!

With more and more authors wanting to publish their work, many of them are turning to self-publishing through Amazon or other publishing companies. This can be a good option for those uninterested in losing creative control over the manuscript or wasting time trying to secure a traditional publishing deal. But how much does it cost,…

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Setting the Setting in Your Book

Creating the right book setting will make your story even more enjoyable for your readers. Here's how.

Strong dialogue is a well-documented challenge for many authors, but, without a setting, the dialogue doesn’t matter. If this sounds shocking to you, consider setting a historical fiction piece in the wrong time period. How can the reader engage with the book if the details and dialogue are all wrong for the setting? Arguably the…

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