The Publish Pros Affiliate Program

Earn commission when your referrals become Publish Pros authors!

Help new books get published. Earn commission.

Publish Pros is always on the lookout for writers who want to be published authors but need a little help along the way. If you have an audience that may include some aspiring authors, sign up for our affiliate program today!


Affiliate Social Post Samples

Affiliate social post graphic
Affiliate social post graphic
Affiliate social post graphic

Earn service credits or cash—your choice!

As a Publish Pros affiliate, you have the ability to earn credit toward your own publishing goals, or cold, hard cash.

Don't need any self-publishing assistance? Earn 10% cash for every successful referral. Want to publish  a book of your own but are a little short on funds? Earn 15% service credit instead!

Our affiliates come from all walks of life. They are writers, social media influencers, and professionals in the publishing industry who believe in Publish Pros and our commitment to helping authors succeed in self-publishing their books.

So don't think you're too big, too small, or in the wrong business to be an affiliate. We want everyone to help spread the word!

How Our Affiliate Program Works

  1. Fill out the form to express your interest. There is no cost to participate.
  2. If selected to participate, complete the Affiliate Agreement you receive by email.
  3. Use our graphics and other support materials to encourage writers to work with Publish Pros.
  4. Receive cash or a service credit every time one of your referrals completes a project with Publish Pros.

Earning Cash or Service Credit

Our referral program is an excellent way to earn money and support talented writers. By referring a new author to our agency, you can earn a percentage of any project they start, with the option to receive 10% cash, 10% donated to a charity, or receive 15% in service credit. It's a simple and rewarding opportunity that benefits everyone involved.

Commission Tracking

As an affiliate, you will be provided with a dashboard as an affiliate that enables you to monitor your pending, available, earned, and applied commissions. This feature enables you to keep track of your earnings in real-time and make informed decisions about your marketing approach. Such transparency ensures that you have complete visibility into your earnings and progress towards your objectives.

Marketing Materials

We provide a wide range of marketing materials, including professionally designed banners, email templates, social media posts, text links, and other promotional content. Our materials are optimized to drive traffic and conversions, and can be tailored to meet individual needs. We are committed to providing our affiliates with the tools they need to effectively promote our products and services.

Dedicated Support Team

Our expert support team is dedicated to providing personalized assistance for every affiliate. We offer guidance on industry trends, share best practices, and provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. We are available through multiple channels and committed to helping you succeed in our affiliate program.

* Affiliates credited once per referral. Credits can be use by the affiliate, their friends, or their family. Credits are not redeemable for cash value once accepted. Service credits do not expire.

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