Author Spotlight: Shawn LaTorre

Self-published author Shawn LaTorre

Shawn LaTorre is a retired educator living in Austin, Texas. Her work was primarily with students struggling to learn English as a second language and English-speaking students in gifted and talented programs. As a child, Shawn and her large family spent time in the fields with migrant workers from Texas and Arizona, picking blueberries and…

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Standard Paperback vs Mass Market Paperback

Man casually reading a mass market paperback book while relaxing in his backyard.

While the term “paperback” is commonly used to refer to any printed book without a hardcover, there exists a nuanced difference between “mass market paperbacks” and “standard paperbacks.” This blog aims to shed light on these distinctions, underlining the significance for authors, particularly those venturing into self-publishing. Understanding these subtleties can play a crucial role…

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What is a Self-Publishing Coach?

Self publishing coach pointing finger at different ways you benefit from their expertise.

Navigating the world of self-publishing as a new author is often challenging. As a result, the intricate and often confusing journey from start to finish can be overwhelming. This is where the involvement of a self-publishing coach (or multiple coaches) can be of great benefit. The expertise of a coach becomes your guidebook. Their role…

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IngramSpark Change Means More Dollars in Authors’ Pockets

IngramSpark Shareable Purchase Link

IngramSpark has introduced an ecommerce option they call Shareable Purchase Links (SPL) which allows books produced by Ingram to be purchased directly from Ingram. When you use Ingram for your book production and distribution, you can sell your book directly to readers without involving a third-party book retailer. That means the monetary difference between your…

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