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Wondering, "What kind of editing does my book need?" Publish Pros explains the different types of editing here.

What Kind of Editing Does My Book Need?

Book editing can be time-consuming and feel overwhelming, especially when you’ve just finished writing an entire manuscript. While ...
What is book formatting, and do you need it as an author? Find out here from Publish Pros.

What Is Book Formatting?

As a storyteller, your main focus is getting your thoughts and words onto the page. You let the ...
Need help paying to get your book published? Learn how to crowdfund your book from the experts at Publish Pros.

How and Why to Crowdfund Your Book

More authors are discovering the power of crowdfunding to help get their great book ideas out into the ...
Learn how to get the word count for your book in Word and Google Docs

How to Get the Word Count for Your Book

As an independent author, you might think the word count of your self-published book shouldn’t matter much, since ...
Learn what ISBN numbers are and why authors needs them from the self-publishing experts at Publish Pros

Understanding ISBN for Authors

Confused about ISBNs, what they are, why you need them, and how they help you as an independent ...
What happened to CreateSpace?

What Happened to CreateSpace?

As we all know, the self-publishing industry – and the tools and resources we use to get ready ...
Ready to see your book in print? Here are some of the best self-printing companies what they offer to authors.

The Best Self-Publishing Companies

You’ve spent countless hours refining your manuscript and now you’re ready to get it published. While self-publishing companies ...
Learn how to self-publish a book from the experts at Publish Pros.

How to Self-Publish a Book in 2022

Until recently, aspiring writers looking to get published only had one option – find an agent who could ...

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