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Learn how to connect with readers through your author Facebook page.

What to Post on Your Author Facebook Page

Since you know social media is a great way to promote your book without spending a lot of money, you…

You can, and should, create an author page on Facebook. Here's how!

How to Set up and Use an Author Page on Facebook

Whether you are a first-time author or publishing your umpteenth manuscript, you can benefit from having your own author page…

The cost to hire an illustrator depends on many factors, including those discussed here by the self-publishing assistance experts at Publish Pros.

The Cost of Illustrating a Children’s Book

When writing a children’s book, the illustrations are a big part of the book. While the writing is important, you…

Use this guide from Publish Pros to get an ISBN for your book.

How to Get an ISBN for Your Book

When you have finished writing, editing, and formatting a book and are ready to self-publish, the last thing on your…

Learn whether or not you should include a book prologue in your writing project.

Should Your Book Have a Prologue?

This is one of the great debates of writers and readers alike: Should a book have a prologue? Some believe…

Terry Ward Tucker is a self-published author of several books and a client of Publish Pros

Author Spotlight: Terry Ward Tucker

Terry Ward Tucker, PhD, is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her newest book, Arlena…

Can you self publish a book for free? Find out here!

Can You Self-Publish for Free?

With more and more authors wanting to publish their work, many of them are turning to self-publishing through Amazon or…

Creating the right book setting will make your story even more enjoyable for your readers. Here's how.

Setting the Setting in Your Book

Strong dialogue is a well-documented challenge for many authors, but, without a setting, the dialogue doesn’t matter. If this sounds…

Does your back cover need a book synopsis or blurb? Find out here from the self-publishing experts at Publish Pros.

Do You Need a Book Synopsis or Blurb for Your Back Cover?

Once you finish writing your book, you might feel like you’ve earned a break from writing. But an important part…

Are paid book reviews worth it? Find out here from the self-publishing experts at Publish Pros.

Are Paid Book Reviews Worth It?

Writing a book is a huge accomplishment, one that can’t be understated. After years of writing, reviewing, editing, and designing,…

Want to publish a book on Amazon? Use this tips from the self-publishing experts at Publish Pros

How to Publish a Book on Amazon

Writing a book is an incredible accomplishment, and one that takes an immense amount of time and effort. After all…

When figuring out book pricing for your newly published book, use this helpful information from Publish Pros, the self-published assistants.

How Much Should I Charge for My Book?

As a self-publishing author, there are myriad things to think about–among them, how much to charge for your book. With…

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