Printed Book and eBook Distribution


Printed book distribution and ebook options

Print book distribution is fairly straightforward if you’re making use of print-on-demand technology to print your books, rather than investing in a print run (where you produce hundreds or thousands of books at a time).

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Book Distribution with Top Online Book Retailers

With our distribution service, your book will be available through these major online book retailers and more.

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Ebook Distribution

Distributing ebooks is a complex and ever-evolving process with new players constantly entering the market. The Publish Pros team can walk you through choosing the right network for your book and knows which formats are supported by most e-retailers and reading devices.

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Metadata Optimization

Not sure how to categorize your book or what subgenre fits best? We will research and optimize every data field of your book’s metadata—including the tricky ones like BISAC codes and book descriptions—to make sure every field is custom crafted for your book, giving you the best chance of discoverability.

Please note: Distribution services are only available to authors contracted with Publish Pros for other book production services.

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