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Book printing vs book publishing

Book printing and book publishing used to mean the same thing. If an author had a published book, that meant they had a hard copy of the book in hand. Today, with ebooks and print-on-demand, you can be a published author with or without a printed book, and PublishPros can help you do both.

Book printing and print on demand with Publish Pros

Print-On-Demand (POD)

Book printing on demand is exactly what it sounds like. When someone wants a hard copy of your book, either in hardback or paperback, you can have it printed. Using print-on-demand rather than having hundreds or thousands of copies printed at once saves you money and storage space. It also makes updating your book to reflect minor edits or other small changes easy.

how to get book published on Amazon

Amazon KDP and IngramSpark Book Printers

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) has replaced the now-defunct CreateSpace. It has also replaced all of the professional design, editing, and layout services with do-it-yourself templates. IngramSpark is another well-known book production company that offers a similar DIY process to authors.

We partner with these companies and others to produce high-quality books and take advantage of their broad distribution networks. At PublishPros, we combine the convenience of these online POD companies with personal service to provide our authors with the perfect publishing experience.

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