Why Focus on Your Book’s Back Cover?

If you're struggling with a book back cover design for your book, this info from Publish Pros can help, Or contact us with your questions!

If the front cover of your book is the movie poster, the back cover is the movie trailer. If a potential reader makes it to your book’s back cover, it means the front cover successfully did its job. And now, the back cover must tell the reader three things: What they get from reading your…

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What to Include in Your Book Cover Design

Wondering what your book cover design should include? Find out here from the self-publishing specialists at Publish Pros

We’re all told not to judge a book by its cover, yet, that’s exactly what we do. It’s simple human nature. As an author, you want people to see your book cover design and decide to jump in and read it. In one quick glance, your book cover must grab your reader’s attention and tease…

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