What Should Be on a Copyright Page?

A copyright page solidifies your ownership of your book. Here's what it should include.

Wherever you are on your author’s journey, you need to protect your work. Most self-published authors get intimidated by all the small print, legal jargon and knowing what is and isn’t required when writing a copyright page. Use this guide to help you prepare your own copyright pages and protect yourself and your work from…

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What Is a Vanity Press?

Lean what a vanity press is and if it's right for your publishing dreams from the the experts at Publish Pros

As an author, it’s natural to get excited when it comes time to publish your book. And for good reason – you’ve invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, and you just can’t wait for your readers to get their hands on your book. Publishing is a tough business. It can be even tougher…

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