How to Get an ISBN for Your Book

Use this guide from Publish Pros to get an ISBN for your book.

When you have finished writing, editing, and formatting a book and are ready to self-publish, the last thing on your mind may be getting an ISBN for it. But don’t forget this important step, or making your book available to a wider audience will be difficult. ISBNs—the series of numbers and black and white lines…

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Can You Self-Publish for Free?

Can you self publish a book for free? Find out here!

With more and more authors wanting to publish their work, many of them are turning to self-publishing through Amazon or other publishing companies. This can be a good option for those uninterested in losing creative control over the manuscript or wasting time trying to secure a traditional publishing deal. But how much does it cost,…

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The Top 5 Pitfalls of Self-Publishing

Avoid these pitfalls of self-publishing with the help of the publishing experts at Publish Pros

With self-publishing becoming more accessible each year, more and more authors are turning towards this non-traditional route to publish their books. While this can be an excellent alternative to a publishing house, make sure you understand the pitfalls of self-publishing before you start the process. Paying for unnecessary services or products When you decide to…

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What Is the Best Way to Publish On Amazon?

Use these helpful tips on how to publish on Amazon from the self-publishing experts at Publish Pros

There are tons of articles and videos talking about how easy it is to self-publish on Amazon. While most of them cover the “how” of self-publishing on Amazon, very few dive into the “whys” that affect you as an author. Let’s look at the key points to consider before you self-publish on Amazon. Buy your…

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How to Publish an eBook

Ready to publish an ebook? Use these tips from Publish Pros to get started.

In today’s digital world, ebooks continue to increase in popularity. And it’s no wonder – ebooks are convenient, portable, cost-effective and accessible from nearly everywhere. Self-publishing an ebook is a great way to expand your reach as an author, get your work to market faster and increase your profits. If you’re new to self-publishing, learning how…

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Traditional Publishing Pros and Cons

Most writers dream of getting their books published, but there are pros and cons to traditional publishing. Learn about them here from the self-publishing experts at Publish Pros

When choosing your publishing journey, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of taking a traditional publishing route versus opting to venture into self-publishing. Each path offers specific benefits, depending on the amount of work you’re willing to put in, as well as how much control you wish to retain. The pros of traditional…

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How to Self-Publish a Children’s Book

Learn how to self publish a children's book from the experts at Publish Pros

While children’s books may seem simpler to produce, they take just as much dedication as a full-length novel or nonfiction book. To create a great children’s book, you need to write a great story, add amazing illustrations that jump off the page, and get your book into the right hands. Let’s look at some things…

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Self-Publishing Terms Writers Need to Know

self-publishing terms

Just like every other field out there, the self-publishing world has its own unique jargon. If you’re a newbie author or new to self-publishing, some of these terms may be confusing. Let’s look at some of the most common self-publishing terms. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP): Amazon’s online platform for self-publishing eBooks and paperbacks. ARCs –…

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What Is Flat-Fee Publishing Assistance?

Discover what flat-fee publishing assistance is and how it can help you become a published author

Trying to navigate the self-publishing market can often feel like you’re drinking from a fire hose. There are so many steps and decisions to make, and it can get overwhelming quickly. While some experienced independent authors love handling all the myriad tasks needed to prepare their manuscripts for publishing, others either consider the process mind-boggling or…

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