What Is a Public Domain Book?

Discover the joys of using a public domain book to create something new from the self-publishing experts at Publish Pros.

Looking for some new creative material? How does free inspiration sound to you? Yes, free! Every year on New Year’s Day, thousands of creative works – books, music, and artwork – enter what’s known as the “public domain.” This term refers to any creative materials not protected by intellectual property laws, such as copyright, trademark,…

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How to Get the Word Count for Your Book

Learn how to get the word count for your book in Word and Google Docs

As an independent author, you might think the word count of your self-published book shouldn’t matter much, since you control how many words you need to tell your story. However, it definitely matters to your readers. Each genre sells best when books are published within a specific length, so it’s important to keep that in…

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