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Publish Pros offers children's book publishing assistance and children's book illustrating.

Laying out the facts

Formatting a children's book with illustrations is harder than an adult book with all text, especially if the pages are fully illustrated and the text needs to be laid out on top of the images.

Need help with children's book publishing?

Children’s book publishing is fun and rewarding. With fewer words to write and limitless illustrations to imagine, authors often find themselves drawn to children’s books. At Publish Pros, we love bringing our clients’ books for kids to life! Your book will delight young readers with an attractive cover, professional illustrations, and the perfect layout.

We help create books kids and adults will want to read again and again

Whether it's a full-color picture book with rhymes or an adolescent's first chapter book, our design and editing expertise will ensure your book is ready for readers before it hits the shelves. We'll work with you throughout the entire process, keeping your voice and vision intact.

Need a children's book illustrator?

One of the most challenging parts of publishing a children's book is finding an illustrator that can bring your story to life within a reasonable timeframe. Publish Pros is one of the only children's book publishing assistance companies that offers illustrating services too. Whatever type of illustrations you want for your book, we can help.

Children's book authors can benefit from the same services as adult book authors, including manuscript assessment, book cover design, author bio and back cover/inside flap synopsis, editing, and layout. Our editors can even help with cadence, meter, and rhyming issues. In fact, that's one of their favorite things to do!

Children's Illustration Design Gallery

Professional illustration services for printed children's books

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