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How and Why to Crowdfund Your Book

More authors are discovering the power of crowdfunding to help get their great book ideas out into the world. From children’s books to comic books, crowdfunding has made it possible for independent writers of all kinds to fund their book projects. If you’re passionate about your idea – and willing to put in some hard work to promote it – you’ll want to learn how to crowdfund your book.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is essentially an online fundraiser for your passion project. Through a crowdfunding campaign, you’re providing a way for family, friends and other “investors” to support your efforts. You set a target funding goal and create a mix of tiers and rewards to entice people to contribute to your campaign. For example, you may create three or four tiers at certain dollar amounts and offer things like signed book copies, tickets to an exclusive signing or to a launch party, or even the chance to “buy” a character or place name in your book depending on the tier the donor chooses.

How does a crowdfunding campaign work?

While crowdfunding may not be for everyone, the end result can be worth the extra time and work you invest into it. So, keep these pointers in mind to establish a successful campaign and crowdfund your book:

  • Start early and plan ahead. Developing a solid plan and giving yourself enough time to prepare is crucial. It can take several months to a year to plan and prepare, so think carefully about your campaign timeframe and launch timing, how to reach your target audience, and what you need to sell your idea in the most compelling way.
  • Determine your target goal. This can be tricky, because if your goal isn’t realistic, you may not raise enough to cover your total costs. Take time to factor in everything you’re trying to cover – formatting, editing, book cover design, printing and production, marketing – and set your target accordingly.
  • Share your story. The first 24 hours of a campaign are often the most critical, so you need a compelling pitch to grab your audience quickly. Make sure your story is real, relatable and honest. People want to feel like they’re supporting a friend, so let your personality and passion shine and speak from your heart. This is your big dream – and you want the whole world to know about it – so don’t be afraid to geek out a little and help people buy into your vision.
  • Build a community. Crowdfunding is not just about raising money; it’s a chance to build your base. If you’re a new author or don’t have a large audience, find ways to increase your social media followers and get more eyes and ears on your website, blog or podcast. Then, nurture those relationships. Share updates and exciting news, let folks know exactly how their money is being spent, and give some special shout-outs to your fans. Keep them engaged, and they’re more likely to give more and share your passion with others.
  • Stay on it. Once your campaign launches, make sure you provide progress updates, respond to questions and comments, and stay involved. Your fans want to see you succeed!

Are you ready to crowdfund your book?

While crowdfunding campaigns require a lot of planning and dedication to be successful, they also can reap some tremendous benefits. Ready to get started? Publish Pros is here to help. We offer a crowdfunding service that can help you cover all of your self-publishing costs, so you can focus on what you do best – writing. Visit our website or call us today to learn more!