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How to Self-Publish a Book in 2022

Until recently, aspiring writers looking to get published only had one option – find an agent who could sell their work to a major publishing house – a process that could take months, even years, and a lot of luck.

When print-on-demand (POD) technology and the internet made it possible to produce small print runs, the self-publishing industry exploded. Suddenly, authors could afford to create and sell professional-looking books online, bypassing the traditional publishing industry.

Today, while self-publishing is easier than ever, it can still be a costly, time-consuming, and confusing process. On the one hand, you control every part of the creative process, which is nice. On the other hand, you’re also responsible for making sure it all gets done – or hiring someone who can. Regardless of your journey, there are several steps you need to take to successfully self-publish a book:

Write, edit, rinse, repeat

Writing a book is hard. It takes a lot of discipline to get your words and ideas on the page. So, it’s important to set up a structure that helps you focus on writing and refining your manuscript:

  • Use a calendar or a productivity app to block out time and keep track of your daily or weekly writing goals.
  • Research any relevant topics, places or events and create an outline to keep your thoughts organized.
  • Find the “magic time” when you’re most productive. Use it consistently to crank out pages.
  • Find a buddy (or two) who not only love your idea, but are committed to checking in on you and asking about your progress.

Ask for feedback

Regardless of the genre, feedback is essential. It’s all too easy to spend countless hours writing the perfect draft, only to discover that someone else thinks it’s boring or doesn’t make sense. A fresh pair of eyes helps you not only catch typos or grammatical errors, but also provides new perspectives to develop characters, clarify themes and polish up your manuscript.

Name that book

This one may sound easy, but a lot of writers struggle to create the perfect title before they’ve even written a single word. Don’t box yourself into a corner. Write your first draft, get some feedback, and then work on your title. By then, you’ll have a better sense of where your narrative is going and how a compelling title may grab your readers’ attention.

Hire help to self-publish a book

Yes, you read that correctly. While self-publishing puts you in control, you also need some professional help to get your book ready for print. Hiring a great editor, for instance, can make all the difference between becoming a best-selling author and struggling to find your readers.

This step may be time-consuming, but it’s important to find the professional editors, designers, typesetters and proofreaders who understand your vision and fit your needs and budget. Start by asking your personal network for referrals. Don’t hesitate to interview multiple editors and designers before hiring, and always check their references and previous work.

Ready to get started?

When you’re ready to make that book idea reality, Publish Pros can take many of the tasks off your plate so you can concentrate on what you do best – writing. We’ll work with you personally to self-publish and market your book, from editing, design and layout to creating your website and marketing plan. Contact Publish Pros today to see how we can help!