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By Leigh Cook

Nobi is the story of an adolescent animal who lives in the ocean with her seal parents but feels she doesn’t fit in. She decides to find out what her destiny is and where she really belongs. On land, she meets Kaylee, a teen who bonds with Nobi and discovers who she truly is. Once she has this knowledge, Nobi has to decide what to do with it and where she will ultimately call home.

Why this book is important

Nobi struggles with fitting in and wanting to know her true self, just as most adolescents do. Seeing Nobi work through it and finally discover her true self and purpose, as well as learning others will accept her as she is, encourages young readers to stay positive and find their own way.

About the Author

Leigh Cook was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, then moved to Charleston, South Carolina twenty years ago with her husband. She earned a degree in history from the College of Charleston and is a teacher in the Berkeley County School District in Charleston.

They have a beautiful son and daughter who are both in high school. They also share their home with three dogs—a black lab named Bella, a basset hound named Roscoe, and a German Shepard named Moki.

Leigh decided to write Nobi because her daughter was going through a tough time and felt like she was not accepted by her friends. Leigh believes no child should ever feel this way. Her hope is Nobi helps children realize they shouldn't hide their differences because they make us who we are and can help us find our purpose in life.

When Leigh isn't writing, she loves reading at her parents’ cabin in Tennessee, exploring the mountains, boating with her family, and traveling.

Nobi is almost here! Past contributors allowed the story to be edited and the illustrations drawn. Your contribution will get Nobi published and into the hands of young readers. Please help make Nobi a reality.

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