How to Get an ISBN for Your Book

Use this guide from Publish Pros to get an ISBN for your book.

When you have finished writing, editing, and formatting a book and are ready to self-publish, the last thing on your mind may be getting an ISBN for it. But don’t forget this important step, or making your book available to a wider audience will be difficult. ISBNs—the series of numbers and black and white lines…

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Understanding ISBNs for Authors

Learn what ISBN numbers are and why authors needs them from the self-publishing experts at Publish Pros

Confused about ISBNs, what they are, why you need them, and how they help you as an independent author? Let’s dive into the world of ISBNs and learn how important they are in helping you reach your audience. What Is an ISBN? ISBN, which stands for International Standard Book Number, is a 13-digit code that…

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