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Put an author website to work for you with this helpful information from Publish Pros.

Why Every Author Needs a Website

As a self-published author, promoting your work is all on you. And while there are multiple ways to market yourself and your book, having an author website is perhaps one of the most effective tools in your marketing toolkit.

Unlike social media, your author website is the only place where you fully control the content. This is your dedicated platform from which you can showcase your latest book, post to your blog, share book reviews, share links to any interviews you’ve done, and keep in touch with your fans. Consider these tips for creating an author website.

Create an “About the Book” page

Give your fans an easy way to learn all about your latest book. Creating an “About the Book” page is the easiest, most visible way to highlight your book’s cover image, synopsis, quotes, reviews and links to buy, all in one place. Once you’ve published more than one book, it also provides a place for visitors to discover everything you have written.

Post blog updates

Posting regular blogs on your website creates a dynamic way to engage with your readers and increase their interest. Blog topics can range from what inspired you to write your book, the in-depth research you had to do to get a certain scene or chapter just right, or even discussions about deleted characters, scenes or chapters.

Create a media kit

A media kit is used to promote your self-published books, and it can be kept on your author website. While your media kit contains a lot of the same information as your “About the Book” page, it also includes other information like your author photo and bio, press releases, and mentions of other media events where you and your books have been featured. Make sure to include a good contact link or section for any media wanting to schedule an appearance with you.

Build a community

While it may be easier to create a community across your social media channels, doing so through your website allows you to leverage multiple tactics simultaneously. Use your blog posts to build a stronger following, especially as you share more about yourself and let your fans get a peek behind the proverbial author curtain. However, unlike social media, you can create additional pages or provide fun extras on your website, such as Pinterest board ideas, exclusive graphics or quotes from your book, even contests or other features for people who really want to dive deeper into your book.

You can also collect email addresses and encourage fans to sign up for a newsletter or other regular updates. Create an exclusive “Members Only” section of your site, with password protection that only dedicated fans can access. And of course, don’t forget to include links to your social media profiles. Even if your site visitors get to you first from social media, make it easy for them to go back and follow you on other platforms.

Make it easy for readers to purchase your book

Last but certainly not least, make it easy for your readers to buy your book. Include all the places and links to buy your book, whether that’s a personal sales page or third-party retailer like Amazon. You can even set up a pre-order option if your book hasn’t been released yet.

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