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Publishing is one of the most competitive industries in the world.

In a bookstore, potential readers spend an average of only 8 seconds looking the front cover of a book. If they find the book interesting enough to pick up, they will only spend another 15 seconds on average reading the back cover content before deciding to either buy the book or to move on to the next one. For books sold online, browse times are reduced even further. Your cover has mere seconds to succeed or fail.

Let us help make sure you're ready to be evaluated by potential readers, retailers, distrubutors, buyers, and judges.

Complete the following form below to have our award-winning team of designers assess your cover before you send it off to print. They will identify your covers strengths and weaknesses, if any, and make suggestions for improvement, if needed. There is NO CHARGE for the service, and you will be provided a 10% off discount code to save you money should you wish to work with us in the future.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So, GET IN TOUCH!

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"I am very pleased and surprised that you came up with a great concept on the first try
and, in some ways, are better than my vision."

Danny Clemons | Dark Dreams

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