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Help your favorite author with their book production fees

You have reached this page because someone you know is writing a new book and is in need of your support. Any financial assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated!


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So many great, and often important, stories go untold simply because the needed funds aren't available to help bring those tales to market. The cost to self-publish a professionally edited, well-designed book averages between $2,500 and $4,000, not including the funds that will be needed for illustrations and marketing and promotion after the book is produced.

If you choose to support an author, all funds raised are applied to their account to offset fees for such services as manuscript editing, interior formatting, cover design, illustrations, marketing, and promotion. Your author crowdfunding support would be greatly appreciated!

How Author Crowdfunding Support Works

  1. Complete our short "Make a Contribution" form, including your name and email, the name of the author you wish to support, and the amount you wish to contribute. Any dollar amount is accepted.
  2. Select whether you will generously cover the credit card processing fees so the author receives all of the donation intended.
  3. Enter your credit/debit card information, and click the "Contribute" button to apply your gift of money to the named author's account. The author will be notified of your generosity.

Please make a donation today to the author who shared their story and this page with you. On behalf of all our authors, we thank you for your support!

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Choosing YES to paying the credit card processing fee allows the author to receive every dollar of the amount intended for their project. Thank you in advance for your support!