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Have an ebook cover that you love but want a paperback option too? Not a problem. Our team of talented designers can emulate most design styles to create a seamless concept for your new printed book.

Professional Book Layout Options

The layout of your interior is just as important as your cover. Whether you’re publishing a simple, text-driven book or have the need for many photos, charts, graphs, pull quotes and sidebars, we’ll make sure your book layout is consistent with your cover design, readable and engaging.

All packages ensure your book‘s content is professionally formatted for a smooth, organized reading experience, using reader-friendly fonts and decorative enhancements to provide individualized style and flair.



May include multiple columns and the placement up to thirty (30) images. If your book requires tables, sidebars or other complex formatting, please contact us for a custom quote.

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Single column structure. Includes the placement of up to ten (10) interior images or other style enhancements.


Simple (Most Popular) ☆

Single column structure. Includes the placement of one (1) interior image.



Choose .mobi, PDF or ePub format. NO image placement. Text only. Single column layout.

All book layout packages include an initial phone or Zoom™ consultation with an account coordinator to discuss ideas for your interior and unlimited revisions until satisfied. Excluding ebooks, all interior files will be provided in Adobe PDF format. Please provide manuscripts in Microsoft Word format. Use of bold and italics is acceptable, but all other styles will be remove when the manuscript is imported for formatting. Make notations about preferred design choices in a separate document.

Book Interior Layout Samples

Professional manuscript formatting services for printed books and ebooks

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