Haunted by Dickens:
Keeping Christmas All The Year

By Tim Lowry

A Christmas Carol is one of the most influential stories of the modern era. Its impact on the culture of the entire English-speaking world cannot be understated. How did Charles Dickens manage to pen a story that would not only capture the imaginations of millions in his own time but continue to resonate with readers today? In short, he wrote a ghost story. And every great storyteller knows the telling of a ghost story is an art form.

In the spirit of Charles Dickens himself, Storyteller Tim Lowry begins with the intriguing idea of a ghost story and expands the tale to include stories of time, vision, weather, money, music, laughter, fashion, food, family, and faith. From out of the shadows of death he brings a story of light and life to haunt us all year.

Why this book is important

Books have the power to pass knowledge, culture, adventure, and ideas through generations. With the publication of A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens managed to practically single-handedly save Christmas from becoming a minor holiday. Its traditions, values, and stories were not only preserved but expanded by his little "ghost of an idea."

I am endeavoring to continue this legacy of influence through storytelling. This book will help you recall your own holiday memories to share with those you love plus help promote family literacy with 50% of all 2023 sales donated to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library in the 29483 zip code area of Summerville, SC.

About the Author

Storyteller Tim Lowry has traveled from coast to coast presenting Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in theaters, restaurants, churches, libraries, and living rooms. He has surpassed the author himself for number of performances with over 150 shows to his credit. In the spirit of Charles Dickens, Tim interprets the world’s most beloved ghost story with heart-felt sincerity and no small dose of his signature side wit. The effect is dramatic and more than magical. Fans of the show describe it as an unforgettably unique experience. Instead of frightening his listeners, Lowry uses humor to invite them into another place and time to remember, reflect, and resolve. Audiences leave the theater not so much as having heard a ghost story as having received a benediction.

Your contribution will go towards editing, formatting, cover design, and getting Haunted by Dickens: Keeping Christmas All The Year published and into the hands of readers. Please help make this book a reality.

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