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Wondering, "What kind of editing does my book need?" Publish Pros explains the different types of editing here.

What Kind of Editing Does My Book Need?

Book editing can be time-consuming and feel overwhelming, especially when you’ve just finished writing an entire manuscript. While editing your own book can be great, you might only see what you meant to write, rather than what you actually wrote. That’s where a second (or even third or fourth) set of eyes is crucial to ensuring your final manuscript is flawless.

Wherever you are in your editing journey, Publish Pros offers a team of experienced editors that will make your work shine. We provide a variety of professional editing and proofreading services—copy editing, content editing, line editing and more—to help you strengthen your story without losing your overall voice and vision.

Assess your story

Want to fine-tune the core elements of your manuscript? Our content editors will carefully review your entire manuscript and offer thoughtful, in-depth feedback on any broad changes that would enhance your story, including structure, characterization, setting, pacing, consistency and style. We’ll then provide a detailed report to guide you as you revise your masterpiece.

Toe the line with line editing

Line editing ensures your sentences are as crisp and effective as possible. Our line editors will dive deep into your manuscript, working line-by-line to enhance your narrative by making sure your style, tone, emotion and language work together smoothly across your manuscript. Our experts can also help you research specific topics, rewrite entire sections or chapters, or even write new content to fill in gaps and strengthen your story.

Ensure accuracy and readability

Let’s face it—we all make mistakes. That’s where a reliable team of professional editors can help improve the quality of your work. At Publish Pros, our copy editors will thoroughly review your draft to correct any grammar, spelling, syntax, or punctuation errors and tighten up phrasing to help your narrative flow easily. Our copyeditors can also help you fact-check your work to ensure accuracy.

The kind of editing every book needs

Just before we send your final work to the printer, our proofreading staff conducts one last review to make sure they catch and correct any final spelling, punctuation, or typographical errors that may have occurred during the interior layout stage. They’ll also adjust any final issues with formatting, line breaks, and paragraph and sentence spacing.

Let’s get started

Every author has unique editing needs. And at Publish Pros, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We pride ourselves in working closely with our authors, guiding them step-by-step through the self-publishing process. Our experienced team of professionals will work with you from start to finish to turn your manuscript into a book people will want to read. Contact us with your project details—we’re looking forward to helping you with your next book!