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Self publishing coach pointing finger at different ways you benefit from their expertise.

What is a Self-Publishing Coach?

Navigating the world of self-publishing as a new author is often challenging. As a result, the intricate and often confusing journey from start to finish can be overwhelming. This is where the involvement of a self-publishing coach (or multiple coaches) can be of great benefit. The expertise of a coach becomes your guidebook. Their role is to help you avoid pitfalls and navigate any challenges you may face. Think of them as the Yoda to your Luke, the Dumbledore to your Harry, or the Mr. Miyagi to your Daniel-san.

What Does a Self-Publishing Coach Do?

Your self-publishing coach, or book coach, is your literary ally. In other words, they can guide you every step of the way, providing education and valuable insights while leveraging their experience to enhance your chances of achieving publishing success.


Imagine embarking on a cross-country road trip without a map or GPS. That’s what self-publishing can feel like without a coach. They should be trusted to lead you through the twists and turns of the publishing world. Furthermore, they can assist with defining your target audience, editing your manuscript, directing your cover design, setting your pricing, developing your brand, formulating a marketing strategy, and more.


A self-publishing coach (i.e., editor or assessor) reviews your manuscript comprehensively, identifying grammar, spelling, style, plot, and overall coherence issues. They then offer constructive feedback to help you understand and apply principles of effective writing and provide you with ongoing support through the revision process. This collaborative approach helps correct issues with your current manuscript and provides valuable skills for future projects.

Cover Design

Your book’s cover is its first impression to potential readers. A self-publishing coach (i.e., graphic designer or art director) can help you create a visually appealing and marketable cover that stands alongside your competition. It’s not just about making a cover that looks good. Your design mentor can also help ensure your cover sends the right message about the story on the pages.


Your self-publishing mentor can assist you in determining the right price for your book. They will research what similar books cost in your genre and assess your competition. This will help you determine the realistic value of your book rather than solely relying on your subjective assessment of your book’s worth. Ultimately, they will help you find a price you can live with and appeal to your readers.


A self-publishing coach (i.e., book marketer or publicist) can collaborate with you to devise a targeted marketing strategy and enhance your online presence through social media and websites. The coach can help plan an official book launch, create engaging social content, and establish and reinforce your author branding. They may also direct you on your public relations and outreach efforts.

How a Self-Publishing Coach Can Help You

The benefits of having a self-publishing coach extend far beyond mere guidance. As a result, they play a pivotal role in making your writing journey enjoyable and increasing the likelihood of success.

Individualized Guidance

One of the significant advantages of working with a self-publishing coach is the individualized guidance they offer. Therefore, they tailor their advice to your specific needs, taking into account your writing style, goals, and aspirations.

Encouragement and Motivation

Writing can be a solitary and challenging endeavor. A coach is not just there to provide guidance. They also act as your cheerleader, as well as offering encouragement and motivation during the highs and lows of the writing process.

Strategic Decision-Making

Coaches help you make strategic decisions about your book, from defining your target audience to crafting a compelling marketing plan and everything in between. Ultimately, their expertise ensures that your decisions align with industry trends and best practices.

Quality Control

Beyond strategy, coaches ensure the quality of your work. They pay attention to the little details that an untrained eye can often overlook, ensuring that your manuscript meets professional standards and stands out in a competitive market.

Does a Self-Publishing Coach Work with an Individual or Group?

The coaching dynamic can vary, and whether you work one-on-one or in a group setting depends on your preferences and needs.

Individual Book Coaching

Individual coaching is ideal if you prefer personalized attention and guidance tailored specifically to your writing journey. It offers focused, one-on-one sessions that delve deep into your specific challenges and goals.

Group Book Coaching

On the other hand, group coaching provides a communal atmosphere where authors share experiences and learn from one another. It can be an excellent option for those who thrive in a collaborative environment.

How Often Should You Meet with Your Self-Publishing Coach?

Determining the frequency of your coaching sessions is crucial to ensuring a productive and beneficial partnership.

Intensive Sessions

Some authors benefit from intensive sessions during critical phases of their publishing journey, such as manuscript editing or book launch preparation. These sessions provide focused attention to specific aspects of the process.

Regular Check-Ins

Other authors may prefer monthly or weekly check-ins for more consistent guidance and support throughout the writing and publishing process. This approach helps authors stay on track and maintain momentum.

Flexible Arrangements

The beauty of self-publishing coaching lies in its flexibility. Your coach can tailor the frequency of sessions to your needs, accommodating the varying flow of your writing process.

Can You Have More Than One Self-Publishing Coach from Different Agencies?

Having more than one self-publishing coach from different agencies is generally not encouraged. Each agency may have its own unique strategies, processes, and philosophies regarding self-publishing.

The coordination and harmony necessary for a successful coaching relationship may be compromised when different agencies have conflicting perspectives. An author needs to have a cohesive and clear strategy.

A more feasible and encouraged approach to multiple coaches is having different coaches for distinct aspects of the self-publishing process within the same agency. For instance, an author may have one coach specializing in manuscript editing, another in cover design concepts, and yet another for marketing strategy. This allows for specialized expertise in each critical area while maintaining consistency and alignment with the agency’s overarching philosophy.

At Publish Pros, we believe that an educated author is an empowered author. That’s why coaching and mentoring comes standard with every book we help produce. Our unwavering commitment to author education is just one of the ways we’re different from our competition. Whether it’s demystifying the editing process, fine-tuning cover designs, or navigating the intricacies of marketing, our coaching is designed to make you not just an author but a well-informed one.

If you would like to learn more about our coaching services or are ready to start a project with us, please schedule a time for us to meet or call us at (843) 212-6250.