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IngramSpark Shareable Purchase Link

IngramSpark Change Means More Dollars in Authors’ Pockets

IngramSpark has introduced an ecommerce option they call Shareable Purchase Links (SPL) which allows books produced by Ingram to be purchased directly from Ingram.

When you use Ingram for your book production and distribution, you can sell your book directly to readers without involving a third-party book retailer. That means the monetary difference between your book’s print cost and retail price can be all yours to keep.

For example, if your book costs $5.00 to print and you price it for sale at $12.00, the $7.00 difference is your commission. There is no wholesaler involved and the book buyer pays the tax and shipping cost.

Want to see what a personalized Ingram book page looks like in action? Click here to see an example of one of our authors.

How Ingram’s Sharable Purchase Links change the game

Keep all the commission

Until now, using IngramSpark to produce your books meant having to offer book retailers deep wholesale discounts. To list your book on Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million’s online inventory, it needed discounts. It also meant waiting several weeks before your book would begin displaying on those book retailer websites.

Immediate availability

Once you approve your Ingram proof, you can immediately share links to sell your book on your website or social media. Links are available in standard URLs, QR codes, or embeddable HTML codes. Don’t worry, using SPLs won’t stop bookstores from selling your book. It just offers another way to make sales without sharing your profits. Just like selling your own books at an event, this is another way to make the most money.

Sell to stores

SPLs also make selling to local non-bookstores easier. Most bookstores purchase inventory through an Ingram Content Group account or another online ordering system. Museums, toy stores, and gift shops might be the perfect fit for your book. They typically do not have this type of account. You can not expect them to jump through the hoops necessary to establish a new account to buy a few copies of your book. It isn’t realistic. Now, you can offer them their own easy-to-use ordering.

Unlimited Links

You may generate as many SPLs as necessary, offering each store its own private URL, if preferred. Give store owners the peace of mind of ordering directly from Ingram without the hassle of setting up an account. Use your links to offer discounts to friends and family, run timed promotions, or sell your book at events. The options are endless.

How to create IngramSpark Shareable Purchase Links

Creating a shareable purchase link is easy if you already have an IngramSpark account with titles available for distribution.

  1. Choose Ecommerce from your IngramSpark main menu
  2. Choose the book for which you would like to create a private page
  3. Set the purchase price for your book
  4. Set limitations for purchases
  5. Generate the shareable link to sell your book!

Use your links on banners, table displays, ads, social media posts, business cards, your website, and more!

Need an IngramSpark account? You can set one up here for free.

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