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Learn how to connect with readers through your author Facebook page.

What to Post on Your Author Facebook Page

Since you know social media is a great way to promote your book without spending a lot of money, you took the plunge and created your own author Facebook page—good job! Now, what do you do with it? Keeping your followers engaged and active on your posts is the most important part of your new page, but it can seem overwhelming to figure out how to interact with them. Here are some tips to help you create a thriving author Facebook page.

Make your author Facebook page personal

Instead of posting generic holiday posts or just re-sharing things from other people, let your Facebook followers get to know you as a person. Post personal photos and videos; these can just be of you going around doing your normal, everyday activities. They don’t have to be professionally done or funny—just make them about you. Visit the zoo for the day? Post a picture! Go to the beach? Post a picture! Working on your most recent book at your writing desk or on your patio? Post a picture! Some posts will get more engagement than others, and that’s okay.

Talk about writing

You want people to be encouraged to buy your book through your author Facebook page, but you don’t want to be badgering people about it constantly. Instead, talk about your writing process. Share brainstorming or organizing tips and tricks you used while writing. Talk about what inspired you to write your book and when you realized you wanted to become a writer. Talk about your journey from rough draft to published author. Tease upcoming books and ask your followers for input on plot points and character development as you write your next book.

Engage to create engagement

It is not enough to create an author Facebook page and create posts. You need to interact with people as they comment on your posts. If someone comments on a picture, update, or video you posted, comment back. Create posts that encourage interaction, like polling your following on the name of your next character, then respond to each person who comments.

Go live on your author Facebook page

While this might not be something you’re excited to do, it’s a great way to engage with followers while going out of your comfort zone. Announce that you’ll be doing a livestream at a certain time, then make the livestream about something interesting for your followers. You could give away a copy of your book, interview another author, do a Q&A, reveal part of your next book cover, or read part of your book. Because you are live, your followers can comment and interact with you, so be sure to read their comments as they leave them and respond live.

While it might seem like a lot of work to create and maintain your author Facebook page, the results are worth it. You will have more engaged readers, spread awareness of your book, and create a loyal following. If you are ready to learn more about creating a Facebook page and publishing your book, contact Publish Pros today!